Dual band 1x4 Octagonal Array for mobile & Wifi Applications

Mr. P. Venu Madhav, Dr.M SivaGanga Prasad, Mr. K.Lakshmi Narayana

In this paper, a 1x4 -element octagonal array antenna is analysed and compared with a 1x4 - element circular array antenna and proposed. The study reveals that this octagonal antenna array is suitable for Wi-Fi, mobile and other wireless application. The radiation pattern of the array can be adjusted to suit the requirements and improve the performance of any communication system. The simulation for different parameters of the antenna are obtained based on the standard formulas. The study reveals that there is a considerable improvement in fractional bandwidth and gain by the variation of substrate material, height and Quality factor. Parameters are varied based on the considerations during simulation. The proposed model has a good resonance response with a return loss of -14.77 dB at 2.3778 GHz, -14.609 dB at 2.333GHz, and -10.28dB at 3.88 GHz. A narrow linear increase in the gain of the antenna is visible with a fractional bandwidth of 161MHz wide at resonance when compared with the circular patch which offered -19.2dB at 2.33 GHz. The variation of quality factor, impedance matching, and spurious radiation may also be a cause of low return loss.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1146-1153