Design of Analysis of Wideband Hexagonal Circular ring Patch Antenna using Defected Ground Structures

P Rakesh Kumar, A Guruva Reddy, K. Satya Prasad

A novel compact wideband Hexagonal circular ring patch antenna with Defected ground structure (DGS) is proposed and investigated for ultra wideband applications (UWB).This proposed antenna having dimensions of 50mm x 42mm x 1.6mm using commonly available FR-4 Substrate with permivitivity of ╬Ár=4.4. The patch antenna introduced with DGS operates over a frequency range of 2.5 GHz to 10.68 GHz with impedance bandwidth of 126.15%. The gain and percentage of impedance bandwidth is much superior than recently mentioned wide band antennas which makes suitable for various wireless applications like Wi-Fi, Wi Max and X band . The performance of the antenna is analyzed with many parametric optimization studies, field and current distributions. Good matching is obtained between simulated and fabricated measured results.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1137-1145