Measurements of IC Engine Parameters to Avoid the Boiling and Cheesing by Overheating

M.M. Jegan, T.P. Sathishkumar, M. Abdul Rahaman, S. Arunkumar, M.A. Logeshkumar, J. Kaniraja and R. Sivapragadeesh

During the time of producing power in IC engine the temperature increases rapidly, the main causes of overheating is the failure of cooling system, leaks in the cooling system hoses, bad radiator and several other reasons causing the overheating in the automobile sector. The overheating leads to the damage in the cylinder, the moving parts inside the engine are damaged. It leads to the damaging of the cooling system and continuously driving the vehicle in the overheating state, it leads to the cheesing of the engine. To overcome the problem, we introduced a setup which alerts the driving persons by buzzer sound, when the engine temperature reaches above the operating limit, the engine will run-off. The product setup is works by the help of ARDUINO UNO circuit, the codes are inserted in the board and the thermistor is used to monitor the temperature of the engine.

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 439-443

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I11/20193348