Cloud Robotics: An Effectual Analysis with Its Cavernous Perspectives

Dr. Dheyaa Shaheed Al-Azzawi

The technologies associated with robotic applications and related automation are quite complex and performance aware whereby the effectiveness is highly required with minimum error rate. Traditionally, the robotic devices need to integrate the chip or devices itself so that the related knowledge base and the learning methods can be programmed on instant reactions. The advancements related with mechanical applications and related robotization isquite unpredictable and execution mindful whereby the viability is exceedingly required with least mistake rate. Customarily, the mechanical gadgets need to coordinate the chip or gadgets itself with the goal that the related information base and the learning strategies can be modified on moment responses. In this paper, the development mechanical area titled cloud automated is tended to that makes utilization of Internet innovations, haze registering, arrange condition and related focuses so the Internet of Things (IoT) based usage of automated for cloud apply autonomy should be possible. In this paper, the advance robotic domain titled cloud robotic is addressed that makes use of Internet technologies, fog computing, network environment and associated points so that the Internet of Things (IoT) based implementation of robotic for cloud robotics can be done.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1104-1109