A Descriptive Study of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Contemporary Business

J.N.G. Sreenivas and Dr. Kalpana Koneru

For the effective functioning of the organization employee citizenship and it is a in restricted as of the employee. The employees who are loyal to the organization and perform duties apart from their normal work duties are termed such behavior as organizational citizenship behavior. It is found from the literature that a significant support and evidences are found to elaborate a rational relational relationship between self-concept, human resource policies, and team commitment and with organizational citizenship behavior. Many institutions conduct various Green HR Practices programs for understanding its effect and influence on employee organization commitment strategically. Therefore the factors which are having more impact on the workplace readiness to employee organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) are Increased Saving and Change commitment. The companies who want to implement organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) Practices programs can more focus on factors like Increased Saving and Change commitment.

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 33-38

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I11/20193165