Investigation of Au/Ag Bi-layer Thin Film Coating using DC Magnetron Sputtering

Bibi Zulaika Bhari, Ahmad Hadi Ali

In this study, deposited Au/Ag thin films prepared by using DC Magnetron sputtering were investigated. Aurum (Au) and Silver (Ag) were used as bi-layer thin films contacts on silicone (Si) substrate. The thickness of buffer layer were varied from 20 to 120 s deposition time, meanwhile for the top layer were kept constant as 120 s deposition time. The surface roughness of the films was decreasing as the deposition time increases. RMS surface roughness of the samples becomes smoother which are from 17.4 to 2.22 nm as the deposition time increases. The lowest resistivity was obtained at deposition time of 120 s which are 1.11 × 10- 4Ω.cm and the highest conductivity is 9.01 × 103 (Ω/cm)-1. The high percentages of spectrum absorption were ~1.7%, meanwhile for reflectance was ~54%, respectively. The different deposition times affect the structural properties of Au/Ag bi-layer thin films. By analysing from XRD data using Scherrer equation, the calculated grain size is 176 nm.

Volume 12 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 827-831

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP2/SP20201139