Leadreship Education of Javanese King’s Character in Serat Wulang Reh

Endang Nurhayati, Hesti Mulyani, Venny Indria Ekowati and Anggri Sekar Sari

A leader needs to have a leadership attitude to run the wheel of activity. Then need to be given leadership education in order to become a character leader. To the know, the character of good leadership can be seen from the lead character of the kings of Java. Therefore this research is to describe the values of leadership education of king of Java contained in Serat Wulang Reh. Furthermore, to illustrate the values of the leadership of the king of Java is still the basis of leadership education in the present. This research uses literature research method with a data source in the form of text in Javanese script written in 18th century AD. The sample is chosen by purposive sampling by selecting Javanese script which contains the teachings of king Java's leadership in Javanese manuscripts namely Pakubuwana IV. The analysis was done by using qualitative analysis technique. The results show that the Leadership Characters of the King of Java in Serat Wulang Reh are immortalized on the basis of the teachings of astha brata (eight-way leads). The teachings of astha brata mentions that a leader must have several characters such as the sun character (God of the Sun), earth character (Kuwera God ), the character of the moon (Candra God), the star character (Indra God), the water character (Yama God), the wind character (Bayu God), the fire character (Brahma God) and the oceanic character (Baruna God). By the leader in the past, can be used as a leadership education in the future, so the need to develop leadership education model and the reference of Serat Wulang Reh. This makes a person or a leader has a character in the work.

Volume 11 | 12-Special Issue

Pages: 295-300

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP12/20193224