Design of Circular Patch Antenna for Enhancing Field Strength

*Suresh Kumar, Manikanta, Soma Sekhar, Pavan Sankar, Ratna Risheek

In this paper we have structured a Circular micro strip patch antenna working at 5GHz utilizing FEM based EM test software – Ansoft's HFSS v13.The circular patch antenna is structured on a FR4 substrate with dielectric constant Ɛr = 4.4 and height of the substrate is 1.6mm. A few antenna qualities, for example, return loss, radiation pattern, bandwidth, directivity, antenna gain, radiation and so on are studied. The designed circular antenna indicates return loss below - 30dB and a bandwidth equivalent to 3.79% is accomplished. Additionally, a directivity of 4.5dBi and antenna gain equivalent to 2.66dBi is watched. Since the circular patch antenna is structured at C band it is relevant in various satellite correspondence applications, for example, transponder etc.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 492-496