Transformation of business models under conditions Of new technological order

I.I. Kalina Cand.

Objective. Scientific and theoretical generalization and development of scientific and methodological bases, development of an activation business model, which depends on the financial model and determines the work of the production system and the directions of financial flows of agricultural enterprises and the author's understanding of transformation processes, opportunities for their reasoned generation and use. Method. In the course of the study, general scientific and special methods of research have been used: analysis and synthesis, analytical judgments from synthesis, induction and deduction, abstraction and concretization, method of scientific abstraction, graph analytics method (graph theory) and economic modeling. Findings. Development of an activation business model that activates business processes at agricultural enterprises operating on relevant information platforms, as well as activates online sales, online payment, delivery, monitors the movement of goods to meet the needs of consumers, customers and more. The process of activation of agricultural holdings must be evaluated in some way. Thus, the activation of agricultural holdings is characterized by the main parameters that can underlie its evaluation and analysis: the direction of activation, the rate of activation, the objectsubject of activation, the cause-factor of development, the state-result. Originality. The activation business model that is designed to move to a new level of competitiveness and determine the leading position in the market has gained popularity. It is established that for an effective activation business model it is necessary to create stable analytical technology (the concept of construction) of activation of these processes, which would help owners and managers to solve all problems related to this process quickly and qualitatively. Practical value. Theoretical provisions and researches have been brought to the level of particular stages, concepts, and proposals, concerning the improvement of process of management of the agricultural enterprise. Development of a business model of agricultural holding uses methods of organization of business processes of agricultural holding that is a basic model of work of agricultural business. The functioning of such a business model is ensured by its compliance with the external and internal potential capabilities (resources) of the agricultural holdings, its compliance with the strategic goals of the agricultural holdings development and the coherence of its main components. It is used after the developed concept of construction of agricultural enterprise activation, which operates only at certain stages of activation.

Volume 12 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 550-561

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP2/SP20201104