Smart Poultry Farm Monitoring System Based On IOT

*R.Sekar, M.Sravana Jyothi, M.Yamini

The aim of our project is to provide an automated Environment Controlled Poultry Management System. For this system design Node MCU and Arduino-Uno board were used for interfacing of multiple sensors. Our system performs many operations for the usage of the farm efficiently, it monitors the temperature and humidity continuously and if the temperature is more or less than the threshold level then the preventive measures were taken .The system also monitors the food level in the container and indicate the owner using a mobile application by the help of a wifi module .The electricity in the form can also me switched on and off by using the mobile application even we are far away from the form .This system reduces the human effort and also increases the poultry production.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 486-491