Design of Flexible Dipole Array Patch Antenna For 5g Applications

*R.Sekar,s.Mounika,B.Lalitha,ch. Saranga Haripriya

In This Paper A Dipole Patch Array Antenna Is Presented. The Proposed Antenna Was Simulated On A Fr4 Substrate Has Compact Geometry Area Of 20x67 〖 mm〗^2 Qualifies It To Meet The Requirements Of 5g Applications And Ku Band Applications. The Structure Of The Antenna Was Designed To Achieve Linear Polarization At Multi Bands And The Antenna Works At Multi Bands With Stable Vswr Value. By The Output Parameters We Can Say That The Proposed Antenna Has Good Radiation Characteristics Over A Bandwidth. The Design Guidelines With Simulation Results Are Presented In This Work.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 480-485