Self-Organized Utility Function based Power Efficient Technique for 5G Wireless Networks

Madan Mohan Rao. Nelluri*, Dr. Habibullah Khan

In this paper, the uplink transmission power control problem for 5G networks is studied in detail and a new optimal uplink power control scheme is proposed using a Utility function which is a self-organized algorithm. The next generation wireless networks should be ready to handle both real time and non-real time multimedia and data services in an optimal manner to provide efficient data rates to all users. By using optimal power control scheme and also rate control schemes system resources can be utilized efficiently. The generalized power control algorithm is developed by using economic theory based Utility function. The Utility function of power control scheme is solved by Using Lagrangian equation. It is proved that the utility function can be best used to achieve the optimal uplink power control scheme and the results obtained are unique depends on the user equipment. Numerical results of the algorithm presented here also show that optimal power control scheme is achieved using self organized utility function.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 472-479