Survey of Literature on Reliable Smart Grid Operation Incorporating IOT Technology

T. Jenish and E. Sheeba Percis

In today’s world the Information Technology has become the platform where the daily processes have turned out intelligent and communication plays a vital role. Various technologies are integrated. Development in Internet protocol, RFID, Smart Sensors etc. have empowered the IOT. In this era of development, an object can communicate with another object effectively to perform a task, which makes the human life easier. The advancements in IOT enables the Smart Grid for a better operation and improves reliability. In this paper a complete review of IOT in Smart Grid has been presented in terms of Architecture, technology, tool, methodology, application, etc. for a better connection between people and Government which leads to a Smart Cities.

Volume 12 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 1330-1334

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201382