FPGA Implementation of Coin Detection using MATLAB and VERILOG

S. Elakkiya,K.S.Thivya,M. Janani,M. Anand

Feature identification and acknowledgment is one of the fundamental undertakings in PC vision for applications like, segment examination, object recognition, image restoration and so forth. In this procedure, the pictures are naturally analyzed to enhance the highlights of the examined items. Based on the highlights, the features are extracted and segmentation is done. In this project we have taken the application of Coin acknowledgment were tallying of coins physically is a tedious process. It is also difficult to identify and perceive the coins outwardly , hence by considering different highlights such as values and weights it is tallied. Using Matlab the image feature extraction and segmentation was carried out and likewise Xilinx was utilized to estimate the count of the given coins.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 786-793