Design of Polarization and Frequency Reconfigurable Rectangular Patch Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

K.V. Chandra, Dr. Moturi. Sathyanarayana and Dr. Battula Tirumala Krishna

This paper presents the design of polarization and Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna. Polarization and frequency Reconfigurability is one of the essential requirements for the Cognitive radio. The Proposed design is designed at 2.4GHz Using FR-4 Epoxy (╬Ár =4.4) with 1.6mm substrate height. The patch size of the proposed antenna is 38.01 X 29.42 mm2 and four strip lines having different lengths are interconnected with four PIN Diodes (HPND 4005). Polarization and frequency reconfigurability are achived by using four strip lines with different electrical lengths. In this design all the diodes are OFF the antenna resonates at 3.5GHz and polarized linearly when the diodes are ON the proposed antenna resonates at 3.73GHz and polarized circularly. So the proposed design is useful for cognitive radio applications.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 1-6