Low Leakage FinFET Ring Oscillator for Bio-Medical Energy Harvesting Applications

Mrs. Jeneetha Jebanazer,M.Janaki Rani,M. Anand

An adaptive leakage power minimization based FinFET ring oscillator for energy harvesting applications of implantable bio-medical devices has been presented in this paper. An adaptive body biasing based leakage power minimization has been proposed where the body biasing is applied to optimize the leakage power consumption of the implantable bio-medical device since they are battery operated devices. The desired frequency of oscillation has been achieved by five stage ring oscillator whose frequency is 1 KHz. The proposed ring oscillator has been designed using 20nm FinFET technology and it has been simulated in Cadence Virtuoso Analog Design Environment (ADE) using Spectre as the simulator. The supply voltage of the proposed ring oscillator is kept at 500mV to minimize the dynamic power and leakage power consumption. The proposed ring oscillator consumes very less dynamic power of 41.98 nW compared to the existing CMOS ring oscillator which consumes 50 μW. The leakage power consumption of the proposed ring oscillator is 4.25 pW. The proposed low leakage ring oscillator outperforms well and it is more suitable for low power implantable bio-medical devices.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 757-764