Attribute based Access Control Policies with Trust (ABAC-T) Mechanism in Pervasive Computing

Abirami.G,Revathi Venkataraman,

Access control to sensitive information such as health details of patients and health professionals in pervasive computing is a prominent task. Also, healthcare applications are probably the most sensitive with respect to a high level of security. In addition to authentication and authorization, an access control of information is required in pervasive environments. Furthermore, pervasive or ubiquitous computing has contextual sensitive data that allow access to the resources for some operations. In this context, Integrity of data and privacy must be assured through proper access control mechanisms. Although many access control models are available, Attribute based access control (ABAC) provided fine-grained access policy to grant or deny permission to the user for performing some operations on resources. Hence a new model of ABAC incorporates with trust, called ABAC-T has been proposed to provide granularity and efficiency of access control policy. Also, ABAC-T is implemented in XACML framework which has enriched attribute and supports contextual information. In addition, a policy specification language for access control model with trust is being included and defined in healthcare scenario.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 699-706