A Review of Role of Data Mining Techniques in Portfolio Management

Swapnaja Patwardhan,Darshana Yadav,Shilpa Parlikar,

Finance is the process of fund management. It includes allocation of liabilities and assets depending on time. Time value of money is the key component of finance. Features of finance include investment and profitable opportunities, optimal mix of funds, system of internal controls and future decision making. Nowadays several researchers are exploring how data mining techniques can be applied in finance domain. Different avenues for data analysis under finance domain include Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Fraud Detection, Bankruptcy prediction etc. Data mining capabilities such as automated prediction of trends, behaviors and automated discovery of previously unknown patterns help in financial data analysis. This paper reviews several research works that describe application of data mining techniques in financial management from application to technical outlook.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 674-681