Impact of Investment Management on Individual Investor: An Empirical Study

Swapnaja Patwardhan,Ravindra Vaidya

ersified financial sector has provided wide range of opportunities to individual investors. Investor can select any combination of financial instruments for wealth generation. The individual’s decision of investment is dependent on the kind of services rendered and the benefits offered in the financial market and every decision- making process has either an opinion or an action. This paper aims to study the investment patterns of individual investors considering the objective of the investment, composition of portfolio, risk bearing capacity, the market knowledge they possess, demographic characteristics, attitude etc. To perform this literature review research papers, journal articles, white papers on behavior of individual investor from various countries are studied. Research papers are analyzed thoroughly in order to present excellent conceptual framework. This study proposes that the perception of an individual investor could be a great help to the financial consultants, fund managers and asset management agencies.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 668-673