Comparative Study of Fog, Cloud and Edge Computing

Venugopal S. Narsingoju,Aslam Y. Suriya

We can say that Fog Computing can be a simplification of the MEC paradigm, as a result of it spreads the Cloud toward the network edge, dispensing resources and services anyplace on the Cloud-to-Things time, in topological proximity to the top devices requiring them. Therefore, the foremost distinction is that the Fog perceives the possibility to possess a hierarchy of Fog nodes which can probably span from the top devices, to the sting, through the core, and up to the Cloud. The general service/application is additionally then decomposed and deployed in elements at intervals such a hierarchy. Each node at intervals the hierarchy will play its role, and this primarily depends on its position/layer at intervals this pyramid-like organization

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 662-667