IT System Alert Classification and Prediction of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) using Machine Learning Algorithms

Santosh Deshpande,Rahul Gaikwad

In IT operations, system alerts and their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are very difficult to predict because they vary based on project, component, environment, alert type, and hostname. Alerts and their SOP’s are very crucial for the IT business to resolve any system issues. If we are able to predict SOP’s with respect to the alerts, it would really help to prevent unexpected and critical system downtimes. Also it would assures reliability and high availability of business services for end users. This will also saves manual efforts and resolution time to figure out the issues and their possible solutions. This research work deals with efficient data mining process for predicting the recommended actions or solutions (SOP’s) for the alerts from different IT systems , so mining the alerts data in efficient manner is a critical issue.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 637-649