Internet Based Modern Health Care Monitoring System Using Body Sensor Network

B.Raja, Associate Professor,Ayesha Firdous,A.MohammedIshak,M.Anand

Internet of Things (IoT) is the rising worldview that contains huge amounts of smart objects and internet-connected smart devices to communicate with one another. IoT devices are used as part of many fields that make the daily life of the user more pleasant. These smart devices are used to collect temperature, body position and ECG that are used to evaluate the patient's health status. So in this paper used to various sensors like temperature sensor, MEMS accelerometer its act as a body position sensor and the ECG sensor. The challenging task in the IoT is to communicate the information collected to the doctor, make accurate decisions about the data collected and notify the patient. In this paper, the Patient Health Monitoring System (PHMS) architecture using IoT devices is proposed to collect the required parameters and evaluate the information obtained from IoT devices. This paper outlines IoT's key ideas. The paper also exhibits a healthcare domain infrastructure that includes various innovations: microcontroller, correspondence conventions, safe and effective file transfer systems. The paper emphasizes the architecture and design of the system that is fundamental to medical applications based on general IoT. It is also possible to apply the infrastructure presented in the paper to healthcare domains. It concludes with recommendations and extensibilities in the healthcare domain found for the solution.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 602-608