Developing a Scalable and Reconfigurable RTOS Based Low Power Mine Monitoring Sensor Based System Controlled Over Internet


The real-time embedded system is being progressively worked with RTOS in recent advancement to be specific Real Time Operating System by reducing expenditure and time for execution. Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is an operating system for multitasking applications in real-time. Real-Time indicates the moment of its evolution a expectant response or reaction to an event. Operating System (OS) is a system program that provides a hardware-to-application interface. OS is generally equipped with features such as Multitasking, Synchronization, Interrupt and Event Handling, Input / Output, Intertask Communication, Timers and Clocks and Memory Management to fulfill its primary role of managing hardware resources to meet application program requirements. FreeRTOS is used to reconfigure the system. So In this paper proposed method is Mine Monitoring system is monitor the environment condition and management services and other emergency handling facilities. FreeRTOS utilized will plan the undertaking, for example, Mine Monitoring task, Web server task and Ethernet task. To deal with the task's timely events and other multitasking necessities, a constant working system is essential. Therefore, FreeRTOS is an operating system that supports applications in real time and embedded systems by delivering the logically correct result within the required deadline. Such capabilities define the nature of their deterministic timing behavior and limited use of resources.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 595-601