Design Architecture of FAQ Chatbot for Higher Education Institution

George R. Villanueva Jr. and Thelma Palaoag

The increasing use of technology is changing the way higher education institutions around the world communicate with their students. There are several reasons why colleges and universities have adopted and deployed chatbots with their websites and social media pages. Chatbots in education can serve as an intelligent tutoring system by turning a lecture in a series of messages. Chatbots can also be used to enhance student engagement by providing a platform where students and the institution broadcast messages and answer students' queries. Chatbot technology is invaluable for increasing workplace efficiency but the chance of negative experience is undoubtedly true when its execution is subpar. Therefore, choosing the right chatbot platform depends on the complexity of the application to build, the organizational needs, intended used, the use case to address, and the developer's expertise. This paper designed a high-level architectural framework that focuses on the data flow of the chatbot which can be adapted to implement a FAQ chatbot for higher education institutions. The Dialog flow, a cloud-based chatbot platform, was used to test the implementation of the use case and the coding requirement. The webhook and slot filling features of the Dialog flow were used to provide a dynamic response of the chatbot.

Volume 12 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 189-196

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP1/20201062