A Research on Ultra Wideband TCA and Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Using Resistive FSS and GWO

K. Nishanth Rao, Vaibhav Meshram and H.N. Suresh

In communication based systems have huge sway depending upon architecture design of antenna and performance levels of the antenna. This paper exposed the Ultra wideband communication system, which is useful for the high range frequencies. This paper gives the importance of Ultra wideband antenna by using the tightly coupled array antenna with resistive frequency selective surface of an particle swarm optimization and also considered the antipodal Vivaldi antenna tuning by grey wolf algorithm. This paper determines the Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) with optimization technique entitled as Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for tightly coupled array (PSO-UTC-FSS). The analysis of FSS, it cab able to achieve the gain of array and bandwidth interference of the antenna. PSO is one of the best optimization methods to provide the optimum values for the design parameter of the antenna. Usage of this values achieving the bandwidth ratio, thickness and reduce the radiation losses of the antenna. The proposed method, which is low-profile antenna (0.055 ), bandwidth (21:1). This paper also determines the Antipodal Vivaldi antenna for the Ultra-wideband communication. The analysis of optimal measurements usage the method termed as Grey Wolf Algorithm. The antipodal vivaldi antenna is reduces the radar cross section for the UWB. This paper determines the importance of the optimization algorithms also intends the antipodal vivaldi antenna design architecture. These techniques are useful for achieving the VSWR, gain, directivity, return loss as well.

Volume 12 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 40-45

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP1/20201044