Attribute String-Based Data Encryption and Decryption for Privacy Preserving Through Repeated Information Accessing In Cloud Environment

J. Raja and Dr.M. Ramakrishnan

Cloud environments maintain different data resources for different organizations. The cloud service provider offers various data to access cloud resources. This reduces data maintenance costs in different companies. All of them still have access to different data and data. Users must be restricted to accessing data with various restrictions. You can find any information about multiple users who have to protect the cloud from access to wrong access. Low-security motion and data have access to some rules or regulations. To solve this, the Characteristic Sequence of Data Encryption and Decryption (CSDED) algorithm is evolving. These methods, the individual level user controls, but introduces more complex period. Similarly, there are some methods available for access control in the cloud environment. When considering this frequency analysis discusses a system on window based methodology. There are different measurements used for access control, but continuous access control is not the satisfaction level of performance. User mode sequence access to the service but the frequency of access cannot be the same and cannot be so far — the actual user's access to the number of times in the window mode even one day or even one time. The accessibility mode will be within a range. Also, success rates like factors should be within a tolerance level. Therefore, access control can be performed efficiently, considering the frequency of service access. Each time the user has access to the various data in the window and the end of each level should be at the end. Frequency analysis can be performed when service is not allowed and the frequency of their completion. Finally, the resulting small high-demand security system provides good quality access to data storage time.

Volume 12 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 1-12

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP1/20201014