Study the Interfacial Reaction between Copper/304 Stainless Steel Joining

Fatima L. Shubber and Ahmed O. Al-Roubaiy

In the present work, a copper-to-stainless steel cylindrical lap joint was studied. a stainless steel rod brazed inside a copper tube using BAg-7 brazing alloy. The shear strength of joints of varying gap thickness, made with different brazing processes was evaluated. furnace and torch brazing processes are used to achieve the joint. It is found that the maximum shear strength of the joint reached (38.918 MPa) with 100μm gap thickness. More nodular copper transfer from copper base to brazing alloy during torch process. The lamellar spacing of eutectic brazing alloy is coarser in the sample that brazing and slow cooling in furnace compare with the other samples. From X-ray analysis, the presence of a phase Cr23C6 and Cr2O3in the sample that brazing in a furnace.

Volume 12 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 365-370

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP4/20201500