Lifestyle Change and Its Effect on Consumer Shopping: An Empirical Study

Dr. Anthony Sathish and Dr. Rajendra Kumbharjuvenkar

The post liberalization of the markets has drastically changed the shopping behavior of buyers. There is a total transformation in the traditional methods of buying goods and services. In the past decade, consumers in developing countries have become more value conscious buyers, looking at options, engaging over Internet and do not rely only on marketer’s promotions alone. They are well informed because of technology and do their own evaluation of the products and services before purchase. The present study on the topic Changing Lifestyle and its Impact on Buying Behaviour of Consumers, aims at constructing a model for classifying the consumers based on buying behaviour and their life styles and to validate the same by using CFA. Further, the study has analyzed the influence of demographic correlates of consumers on buying behaviour and the life style of consumers. The convergent validity carried out under the construct, supports that, consumers differ in their buying behaviour and lifestyle hence can be grouped into segments. The study has classified the buyers into six segments viz. Planned, Controlled, Empathetic, Active, Enthusiastic and Variety Seekers. Further, the study also confirms that the buying behaviour and lifestyle of people differ across demographics. The investigation presumes that exhaustive information on the lifestyle changes and the purchasing conduct showed by the shopper classes, is an eye opener for the marketers, to tweak their promotions and achieve high level of consumer engagement, consumer acceptance and consumer satisfaction.

Volume 12 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 355-364

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP4/20201499