Maximization of Energy Efficiency in Wireless Network using Massive MIMO

Ragunathan Surender,Perumal Dananjayan

Wireless network characterized by fading leads to interference which degrades the performance of Long Term Evolution -Advanced network. The effect of fading can be exploited by massive multiple input and multiple output system which improves the data rate enhancing the energy efficiency of the system. However, interference surges with respect to number of user equipment deployed in the network. The interference can be mitigated by employing schemes like maximal ratio combing and zero forcing in the massive multiple input multiple output network. The work in this paper analyses energy efficiency of the network with zero forcing employed in the network and it is compared with the conventional MRC work. The performance of the network is maximized with respect to number of base station, user equipment and deployment of base station. The simulation results will prove that ZF provides better EE than the conventional MRC system.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 534-542