Survey on Heuristic Built in Redundancy Algorithms

K. Hima Bindu, DR.K. Babulu and DR.G.N. Swamy

Built in Self Repair (BISR) is one of the best solutions to improve the yield and reliability of SOC memories. BISR consists of Built in self test(BIST), built in redundancy analysis(BIRA) and address reconfiguration procedures. Many redundancy algorithms are emerged and played vital role to improve the yield. Each redundancy algorithm focused to improve the performance criteria, like repair rate, area overhead, repair analysis time based on the application requirement. Exhaustive search algorithms concentrated on repair rate and fast repair time whereas most of the heuristic algorithms focused on area overhead with favorable repair rate. This paper surveys the work done by various Researchers in different periods on heuristic redundancy algorithms which obtained constructive repair rate with low Area overhead.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 259-265