Designing A Mobile Application to Improve User’s Productivity on Computer-based Productivity Software

Abdurrahman Jalil, Raenu Kolandaisamy, Kasthuri Subaramaniam, Indraah Kolandaisamy and Jason Quek Ghee Khang

Productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud services are some of the most common yet important tools that employees use in an organization to produce their web contents. Most of this kind of software can be used with computer peripherals such as keyboard and mouse to adopt the use of macro instructions into their peripherals’ software. These peripherals are able to help the users with their shortcut keys by binding some functions from their productivity software that they use into their keyboard or mouse buttons. However, the users will lose the ability to use the original function of the button that their macro instructions bound to, as that button will be performing macro instructions instead of its original function. This project therefore presents the design and implementation of using smart phones to address the problem of using peripheral macro instructions through the use of mobile application. The smart phone will be connected to the computer through a Wi- Fi access point connection. This proposed application that is running on the smart phone allows the user to use macro instructions without sacrificing their peripherals’ original button press functions. The methodology adopted to develop this mobile application is the Rapid Application Development method, where the prototype of each phase will be given to users to test and get their feedback to improve in the next iteration. The proposed mobile application will be developed in Android Studio IDE using JAVA Programming Language. The results of this research show the positive acceptance from the users where they find the proposed application is able to help them by reducing the needs of memorizing shortcut keys and speed up their work when using productivity software.

Volume 12 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 226-236

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201257