Performance Analysis and Lifetime estimation of Wireless Technologies for WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) /IoT (Internet of Things) Application

A.V. Prabu, G. Sateesh Kumar

In recent years WSN/IoT becomes prominent technologies for monitoring and controlling a many application like environmental, Building management system and patient health monitoring, etc. Low power wireless technology shows the leading technology for connecting the smart object to the internet and the cloud. A single technology does not control wireless connectivity. Different types of hardware and software integration are required based on the application and technology. The devices used for connecting through wireless to the cloud are WIFI, ZigBee, BLE,(Bluetooth Low Energy) and GSM(Global System for Mobile communication). In IoT or WSN applications maximum of sensor devices are operated based on battery suggesting extremely stringent energy utilization requirements for months or years of battery life. In this paper, we focused and estimated the power consumption of different wireless technologies and predicted the lifetime of different wireless technologies like Zigbee, BLE, GSM, and Wi-Fi, which is more essential for WSN/IoT Application. The primary objective is to keep devices low power state as much as possible during the data exchanged or when the device is in an active state or when the data is necessary. Different sensors are interfaced to the controllers and data transmitted to the cloud through wireless technologies to estimate or know the energy consumption of wireless technologies, microcontrollers and predicted the lifetime of the different wireless technologies.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 250-258