Hybrid MAC based Adaptive Preamble Technique to Improve the Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks

A.V. Prabu, G. Sateesh Kumar

The energy loss in the wireless sensor network is a major concern, which reduces the lifetime of the nodes. The higher energy losses occur when the sensor nodes operating at idle mode and this leads to idle listening and overhearing of packets transmitting at neighboring nodes. Hence, it is necessary to use the finest idle mode selection mechanism to avoid idle listening and overhearing. In this paper, we proposed a new hybrid Medium Access Layer (MAC) protocol with Pattern Division Multiple Access (PDMA) technique based idle mode selection. This is used to improve energy efficiency in wireless sensor nodes. Here, the hybrid MAC layer is combined with Adaptive Preamble Sampling (APS) to make the nodes from idle to sleep mode, in case, if the node is not transmitting any messages. The proposed method is compared with other existing APS MAC schemes to prove its effectiveness. The result shows that the proposed method has improved in terms of its increased data reliability, energy consumption, and network throughput.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 240-249