Dual Band DGS Antenna for Bluetooth/WiFi/5GApplications

M Krishna ChennakesavaRao, M Pachiyannan

A customized conventional rectangular patch introducing with a single unit cell defected ground structure (DGS) in the ground plane is reported in this work. DGS is referred to an intentionally created error in the ground plane which are intentional may be a unit cell DGS or can also be a multiple DGS. By introducing DGS the proposed antenna reduces the harmonics and mutual coupling. An antenna designed with geometry of 74.4 X 74.4 mm and operating at two bands namely S band with two frequency ranges at 2.52 GHz, 3.58 GHz and another band is C band with a frequency of 5.28 GHz exhibiting excellent horizontal polarization with axial ratios as 11.02 dB, 12.49 dB, 3.49 dB, and return loss as -19.44 dB, -21.06 dB, -39.10 dB at frequencies of 2.52/3.58/ 5.28 GHz respectively. This proposed antenna is highly suitable for Bluetooth/Wifi/5G applications.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 732-738