A Lock based Optimistic Protocol in MDRTDBS

Prakash Kumar Singh

Concurrency control (CC) in mobile environment performs the key role in transaction execution. It is the backbone of a mobile distributed real time database system. Convention Concurrency control methods are inappropriate in mobile environment due its intrinsic limitations. To maintain database consistency with a time constraint situations it is a need of developing a concurrency control in mobile environment. Many recent researches has suggested various CCs for distributed real time database system, however they are not adjusted in mobile environment due to wireless medium. Unpredictability of wireless communication among participant makes it complex to design a CC method for mobile environment. Recently, few of the researchers have developed CC methods in mobile distributed real-time database system (MDRTDBS), However they have some limitation to perform transaction execution in mobile environment. A full phase CC method is essential to maintain the data consistency in mobile environment. In this paper, a new CC method, optimistic lock based optimistic, mobile distributed high priority lock protocol (MD-HPL) is developed which is based on pessimistic approach. Some serialization adjustment is performed in the proposed CC to minimize the restart rate. Proposed CC method is a lock based method which allows continuing the execution by adjusting the order of execution. The CC method is examined using simulation experiment and detailed study is done. The detailed study of the plotted graphs shows clearly that MD-HPL is better than earlier lock based protocol.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 718-731