Optimal Path Planning Approach for Unmanned Vehicles Using Modified Ant Colony Algorithm

Vinay Kumar Deolia and Ashish Sharma

One of the central objectives when way getting ready for unmanned ground vehicles is to constraining the period of arriving at the given objective while increasing the prosperity of the vehicles. The way arranging is one of the crucial fundamental initiative procedures in an unmanned self-administering structure. In past, different techniques have been developed for path and age management. Imperativeness decline in the midst of way finding is a titanic task. Most suitable routes are computed by way organizing techniques with reduced cost and time. This paper proposes a Modified Gain based Green-Ant Colony Optimization (MGG-Ant) with a proficient way and less computation time when compared to ongoing strategies. Reproduction has been done under various conditions and results beat contrast and proposed strategy and the current subterranean insect state enhancement (ACO) and Green-Ant strategies regarding computation of time and length of the way.

Volume 11 | 11-Special Issue

Pages: 266-270

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP11/20192957