The Metaphor of Conflict Resolution in Tanimbar Community- Indonesia

Martha Maspaitella, Heri Suwignyo, Wahyudi Siswanto and Taufik Dermawan

This research explores the metaphorical expression of emotions in the conflict resolution that was conducted in Tanimbar community, Ambon-Indonesia. The study focused on (1) the concept of emotions of the Tanimbar community, and (2) the metaphorical pattern of conflict resolution metaphors. The analysis was carried out on 85 metaphors on 28 foruks that were sung at a traditional meeting for conflict resolution. The current research applied a qualitative analysis about the metaphorical pattern model proposed by Stefanowitsch, and procedures of identifying metaphors proposed by Pragglejaz. The results showed that there were 33 metaphors with the concept of emotions, namely 14 "peaceful" emotional words or 43% of the overall domain data, ten emotional "angry" words (30 %), two "ambitious" emotional words (6%), one "honest" emotion words (3%), one word of "fear" emotion (3%), one emotion word of "love" (3%), one emotion word of "forget" (3%), two words of "arrogant" (6%), and one emotional words of "drive out" in the percentage of 3% . The concept of emotional expression is categorized in the concept of happy and unhappy emotional expression, whereas the metaphorical pattern of conflict resolution is divided into the metaphorical pattern of source and target, and two-target domain metaphorical.

Volume 11 | Issue 10

Pages: 119-130

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I10/20193014