Hybrid Active Filter for Enhancing Power Quality in Distribution System

Praveen Kumar Joshi, Dr.R.P. Singh and Chava Sunil Kumar

In the contemporary era, power distribution systems became very crucial for the large scale distribution of power. It is more so in the wake of different power generation sources like wind power and solar power. Current harmonics in power distribution system is one of the main cause for power quality concern. Therefore, it is essential to mitigate current harmonics and ensure that the quality of power distribution is enhanced. In this paper a hybrid approach is proposed to achieve this. It comprises of Shun Active Power Filter and Neural Network controller. With the NN controller, the conventional controller’s performance is significantly improved. The proposed hybrid active filter exploits the capacitor energy in order to maintain voltage of DC link of a shunt active filter. In presence of variations in the load the proposed method can reduce transient response time. The hybrid filter is designed and implemented using MATLAB Simulink. The simulation study with extensive experiments revealed that the NN based SAPF is capable of reducing harmonics in power distribution system. This could improve quality of power distribution system significantly.

Volume 11 | Issue 10

Pages: 82-90

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I10/20193009