Performance of Laston Ac-Wc Mixture Using Asbuton LGA and Fakfak Materials

Alpius, Ary Kusuma

This study was included to examine the characteristics of mountain rocks and rock ash fillers from Fakfak Regency, to obtain a Laston AC-WC mixture design using Fakfak and Asphalt Pen 60/70 materials, as well as a mixture with LGA type 50/30 substitution then to determine the characteristics of the Laston AC-WC mixture which uses Fakfak and Asphalt Pen 60/70 materials as well as a mixture with LGA type 50/30 substitution based on the Conventional Marshall test and the magnitude of the Immersion Index (IP) / Residual Strength Index of the Laston AC-WC mixture based on the Marshall Immertion test.The methodology in this research is to conduct a series of characteristics testing in the form of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate filler and asphalt and then design the composition of the mixture then make the specimen in the form of a mixture of Laston AC-WC standard and Laston AC-WC Modification then Conventional Marshall testing to obtain the characteristics and performance of asphalt mixture then do a Marshall Immertion test to obtain an Immersion Index (IP) / Residual Strength Index (IKS).The results of research conducted at the Road and Asphalt Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Christian University of Indonesia, Makassar Makassar, showed the optimum asphalt content for AC-WC is 6.50% with an average stability value of 1901.86 kgf, average flow 3.73mm, VIM on average 3.59%, VMA on average 17.16%, VFB on average 79.10%. The mixed performance of Laston AC-WC Modification (Asphalt Buton LGA) shows an increase in Stability values of an average of 59.50 kgf, Flow of an average of 0.33 mm, VIM of an average of 0.27%, VMA of an average 0.22% and a decrease in VFB by an average of 1.15%. The value of Soaking Index (IP) / Residual Strength Index is obtained by an average of 95.91%.The results of this study it can be concluded that the aggregate from Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province can be utilized as a mixture of asphalt, and Buton Asphalt (LGA) can be used as a substitution of Pen 60/70 asphalt oil up to 15% by weight of asphalt in a mixture of Laston AC-WC.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 656-663