Implementation Of E-Voting Using Block Chain Technology

Dr Amarendra K , D Janaki , V Swarupa Tejaswi

Election could be a vital event during a fashionable democracy however giant group of society round the world doesn’t have belief on the voting system. This is the main problem facing in the society. Even the large democratic countries like India, united states., Japan are still experiencing the imperfect voting systems. Rigging of votes, EVM (Electronic selection machine) hacking, manipulating the elections, and cubicle capture of the key problems within the present legal system. During this paper, we tend to investigate the problem with in the elections selection process and attempting to start the Electronic voting model that might conclude these problems. conjointly this text planning to measure the appliance of block chain as services that to implement distributed electronic selection process. The section of this paper can highlight a number of the favoured block chain frameworks that supply block chain as a service and associated electronic voting system that is predicated on block chain which addresses all the limitations severally, it conjointly preserve participant’s obscurity whereas still being receptive for public examination

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 638-643