Safe Navigation System Framework for Visually Impaired Users Using a Micro-Digital Camera

Kavitha. M , Pavani. D, Y. Lahari, M. Prasanna

The quantity of vision inability people has been expanding consistently, including the individuals who are thoroughly visually impaired and have low vision. There are some frameworks proposed to assist the visually challenged people also, to enhance the idea of their natural life. But the existing frameworks are limited in their features. As part of this article, we are discussing a relative review on wearable and convenient supportive gadgets for visually impaired people. There are many techniques but in all of devices they cannot detect the speed of the vehicle and distance between the person and vehicle. In this connection we are going to give a theoretical framework on new IOT enabled integrated gadget to support visually impaired people. The proposed device can sense the velocity and distance of a vehicle which is coming towards the user.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 631-3-637