Utilizing Cloud Computing For Stronger Healthcare Data Security

Vikas Somani, Dr. Munesh Chandra Trivedi

The main objective of this project is securely store and maintains the patient records in the healthcare. HealthCare is a data-intensive domain where a large amount of data is created, disseminated, stored, and accessed daily. The block chain technology is used to protect the healthcare data hosted within the cloud. Healthcare data contain personal and sensitive information that may be attractive to cybercriminals. Cybercriminals seeking to benefit financially from the theft of such data may sell the data to a third-party provider,. Such data would be of interest to certain organizations or industries. The block that contain the medical data and the timestamp. Cloud computing will connect different healthcare providers. It allows healthcare provider to access the patient details more securely from anywhere. It preserves data from attackers. The data is encrypted prior to outsourcing to the cloud. The healthcare provider has to decrypt the data prior to download.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 579-589