A Lightweight Data Preserving model using Ensemble Signature Scheme to the outsourced health files in cloud

* K.Ketzial Jebaseeli, Dr.V.G.Rani

Outsourcing of the health files to cloud brings the great convenience to the healthcare industries. However the security and privacy of the sensitive information are major concerns in the cloud based system. In order to mitigate those challenges, many solutions have envisioned in terms of access control mechanism using attribute based encryption schemes. Despite of many advantageous characteristics, still more disputes exist in terms of user revocation and key sharing. To eliminate and provide scalable and efficient secure solution, a new Ring Signature paradigm has been exploited as multi-signer digital signature schemes. It is established to mitigate the quantum attacks. A ring signature scheme has N signers forming a ring. In this paper, a new ring signature scheme named as ensemble signature scheme which allows users to decrypt multiple classes of file using single key that can be shared among the users in dynamically formed group. The proposed model includes aggregate key generation for accessing the files arranged in hierarchy, hashing of key to increase the security of keys, ring signature has been established to dynamically forming group for data access using cryptographic schemes. Data owner will be enabled to store their files on fileservers in an encrypted manner and delegate decryption rights to those dynamically forming groups with ring signature. Revocation of the user at any time will be retained by the data owner. It has been enabled on the multitude of users to contribute and collaborate on shared data. Finally time based revocation has been defined to revoke the group members and group after the specified time limit. The experimental results have been demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed model while reducing the decryption time, memory utilization and collision resistance against state of art approaches

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 253-261