Versatile Tracking System for Preventing the Propagation of Feminine Victim

Dr.K. Kalaiselvi and S. Karunya

In current epoch, woman share the equal role of men in education, working, governing business and in every aspect of life. Women are a community of slavery in past centuries but currently, this has been changed. Eventhough, crimes against women doesn’t end up but still happening in difference ways. These crimes include harassment, kidnapping and raping by a stranger, known person or unknown person. To withstand these crimes around women, there should be a genie like helper which helps to safeguard them at riskier times. Genie is a tracking system which tracks them sequentially and gets input from them and provides the same to person in the other side. Tracking system is a boon for women and girls now a day but still the crimes are continued. Flaws are there in the current system, so to reduce the flaws and to provide an efficient tracking system. This system has been evaluated with different techniques and various input/output are seriated to provide marvelous results.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 432-438