Agile-based Explicit Congestion Control Mechanism for Named Data Networks

Mohammed Alsamman, Suhaidi Hassan and Suki Arif

Named Data Networking (NDN) shifts the paradigm of Internet communication model by addressing the name of the required data instead of data locations. Hence, the features of requesting the content by name and in network caching enable the receiver to retrieve the needed content from multiple points. Those feature changes the concept of transport model control from the sender to the receiver and content cache will affect the concept of the present transport model parameters control. To overcome this problem, an efficient congestion control mechanism for NDN has become an essential requirement to increase the production and the sophisticated network that can be deployed in the future network. This study focuses on the design of a hop by hop Interest control mechanism for NDN to achieve full efficiency and fairness under proper parameter settings. The congestion control mechanism, called Explicit Congestion Agile (EC-Agile), adapts the core idea of Agile-SD to control the sending rate of Interest packets for consumers. In routers, a queue was designed for every prefix in each interface associated with AQM mechanism to measure the packet sojourn time and explicit congestion signaling to notify the consumer to decrease their traffic rate. Furthermore, this mechanism was implemented in ndnSIM and was evaluated with PCON mechanism in various scenario settings and it was showed this mechanism outperforms it in terms of window size, download time, link utilization, rate adaptation, and fairness.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 221-231