Antecedents of Perceived Family Support and Impact on Successor’s Perceptions of Career Resources and Growth in Small Business Entrepreneurial Families in Indian Rural Economy

Bhargav Ram Munagapati and Dr.D. SrinivasaRao

Research Focus: The research focuses on exploration of diverse dimensions of “family support” across psychological and resource perspectives that seem to influence prospects for successor’s career development across family owned enterprises in context of developing economy. The research seeks to explore the impact of the successor’s “support from across native’s family” on the prospects of successor’s career resource enhancement across Indian local perspectives. Research Significance: The study operationalized factor “successor’s family support” along five aspects with aid of pre-validated scales and measurement instruments. The current research study assumes significance as Indian entrepreneurial families are facing challenges and threats with regard to seamless transition across generations. Research Methodology: The research sample of 283 was seeded from across the successors across small to medium sized family controlled enterprises in rural India. Random sampling methodology was adopted and construct’s validity and reliability was established with aid of SPSS based factor analysis. Reliability examination was conducted with aid of cronbach alpha test. Structural equation modeling was adopted to ascertain path coefficients across the constituent factors. Findings: The research vindicated support for earlier studies in Indian perspective and added to the existing research and theoretical frameworks. The study observed the incidence of applicability of theoretical frameworks of social cognition, social support theory, family, and resource based perspectives across traditional and emerging sectors of economy. The study exhibited support for ….’s conceptualization of “psychological support” as applicable to family business setups in developing India. The study extended the existing literature on five dimensions of vocational identity development, role modeling, resource support, human capital support, social capital support; to assess successor’s ideas and perspectives with regard to career enrichment and growth.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 414-424