Analysis of Data Encryption/Decryption Vulnerability in U-Healthcare Environment

Young-Jin Kang, Ki-Hwan Kim,Hoon Jae Lee,YoungSil Lee

U-healthcare technology has attracted much attention due to the rapid increase in aging worldwide. The reason is that it provides convenience to users. It is possible to remotely treat patients, and periodically receive biometrics information of patients to consult about health problems. However, unlike technological advances, there are still many security threats. There are as many security threats as U-Healthcare is made up of various technologies. In order to respond to each security threat, countermeasures for each. In this paper, we examine the requirements for data encryption and decryption among the various security requirements of U-Healthcare and analyze the weakness of the algorithm by analyzing the power analysis attack that can be attacked by the sidechannel information.In order to prove that the encryption algorithm is vulnerable to power analysis attack, we experimented with the encryption algorithm in the 8-bit microprocessor. As a result, the secret key of the cryptographic algorithm could be found.In order to add safety to the power analysis attack, various studies such as redesigning logic circuits or inserting random values have been conducted. However, when the corresponding technology is applied, the performance decreases a lot, and therefore, research on performance enhancement is also required.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2478-2483