Access Management Mechanism through Blockchain-based Role Based Access Control

Jinsu Kim , Namje Park

Blockchain ensures the integrity of the data stored and can reduce the possibility of forgery and alteration. In this paper, we aim to establish reliable access control by preventing access forgery of access right by managing access right in RBAC by blockchain.Unauthorized access by third parties, or alteration of access rights, can be very damaging. In order to solve this problem, in the proposed mechanism, when a user requests data from the server, the server requests the blockchain to authenticate the user and authorize the data to the blockchain. Provide services in accordance with established authority.In this paper, we study the method to manage access record integrity and access record by applying blockchain based RBAC.The study of techniques to ensure the integrity of access and access rights should be prevented by the release of unauthorized third parties.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2457-2463