A Study on Intention to Use Block chain-based Securities Lending System - Focusing on parallel multiple mediating effects -

Byoung-Tae Kwon, Yen-yooYou, Seokkee Lee

This paper is to find out whether ‘innovation resistance’ and ‘technostress’ play a role of mediators in the relationship between ‘perceived usefulness’ and ‘intention to use’ of users for block chain-based securities lending systems.Data collection used a survey. The survey was conducted in June-July 2019. The survey subjects were employees of construction companies and KSCFC. Statistical analysis was performed by using AMOS 22.0 and SPSS 24.0. The analysis methods were technical analysis, frequency analysis, correlation analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis, CFA, path analysis,parallel multiple mediation analysis.The results are as follows. First, 'perceived usefulness' directly affects 'intention to use', and second, 'innovation resistance' and 'technostress' have a direct effect. Third, 'innovation resistance' and 'technostress' also directly affect 'intention to use'. Fourth, 'innovation resistance' and 'technostress' have an indirect effect on the relationship between 'perceived usefulness' and 'intention to use'. The results of this study were not different from those of previous studies.In order to reduce negative factors such as innovation resistance and stress, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts in education, manual writing and promotion at the beginning of system introduction.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2411-2419