A Study on Cyber Security Framework by Life Cycle for Safety System based on Information and Communication Technology

InkyungKim , Namje Park

This paper propose to establish a cyber security framework by life cycle for safety system in the infrastructure with deriving security requirements based on applicable vulnerability.Applying cybersecurity measures to already running systems can lead to design changes and operational delays, as well as safety and security conflicts, which can affect system reliability and functionality. It is necessary to establish cyber security measures in consideration of cyber attacks and to take a life cycle security measure for preemptive response to cyber infringement, considering that it is limited to the analysis activities for cyber security.This study, we examined the characteristics of the safety system in the infrastructure and derived applicable vulnerabilities. Through applicable vulnerabilities, the requirements of cyber security for safety system was established. Based on the security requirements derived, we present a cyber security activity framework by analyzing matters to be reflected at each stage, activities to be performed, and requirements.The results of deriving security requirements to be applied to the design, production and operation of cyber security will be used to establish a security framework for establishing a cyber security system. Furthermore, it is expected to operate a security-strengthened infrastructure with life-cycle security measures for preemptive response to cyber infringement.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2403-2410